Privacy is a right. Access is a privilege.

Privacy and security by design: A zero trust approach that builds in privacy and security ensures that anyone accessing customer data is validated with strong authentication. Data-centric protection with continuous identity verification ensures that every user, device, and connection has proven a legitimate need.

  • A zero trust approach ensures legitimate access.

Data and identity power privacy: Our integrated zero trust solution is designed to find, analyze, manage, secure, and encrypt customer data. We use identity governance, data protection and privacy management technologies to reduce risk as the enterprise scales up to manage millions of digital identities.

  • Know your data, manage millions of digital identities

Authorized access, trusted protection: Customer data requires enterprise-level privacy and protection. Personal data is a high value corporate asset but carries significant risk impact if compliance fails. Zero trust data protection with access controls based on least privilege helps drive innovation through secure data use. Persistent data protection enables safe data use wherever data travels across hybrid multi-cloud IT.

  • Enterprise-level data privacy and identity protection to prevent unauthorized access.

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