Privacy Compliance

Privacy Begins with Data Discovery

Data growth is exponential and unstoppable. The world generates 1,000 petabytes of data per day, and by 2025, the amount of data generated each day will reach 463 exabytes globally*. Data has become a limitless resource that has transformed how we make decisions in business, science, government, and nearly every aspect of life.

(*Source: Seed Scientific)

With the explosion of data, the importance of Data Privacy and Protection is increasingly recognized:

“With more countries introducing modern privacy laws in the same vein as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the world has reached a threshold where the European baseline for handling personal information is now the de facto global standard,”

- Nader Henein, research vice president at Gartner.


of the world’s population will have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations by 2023, up from 10% in 2020, according to Gartner, Inc.


of countries worldwide now have data privacy and protection legislation and another 9% have draft legislation in progress.

(Source: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development)

Privacy is a right. The GDPR is a regulatory and moral and existential blueprint. IT organizations need new approaches to enable privacy compliance aligned with secure and consent-based use of data assets.

“The main tenets of GDPR – data portability, breach notification, data protection by design and default, data/storage minimization, opt-in consent, right-to-erasure, appropriate technical measures, evidence of compliance, are an amazing codification of laws that every service provider and vendor on this planet…would do well to make an integral part of their DNA and offering for their existence and their customers’ well-being.”

(Source: CSO Online)

Privacy begins with data discovery

Data is at the core of both value and risk. Organizations need to know what data they have. As data volumes continue to grow in both structured and unstructured applications, many organizations have also seen their cloud object and file stores grow as they accelerate their cloud objectives. Data privacy regulations and data protection strategies compound these challenges and introduce complexity. In response, many organizations are simply looking for a place to begin.

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The most successful data discovery approaches allow organizations to build an understanding of their data, what value and risk it represents, and what actions can be taken to contain costs, detect, and protect sensitive data, and comply with regulatory policies.

Do you know where your data is, and what data you have?

Voltage Data Discovery enables organizations to gain a deep understanding of the data contained within structured and unstructured data repositories. This understanding helps detect value and risk, and protect sensitive and high-value data, while providing flexible approaches that evolve to serve your needs over the different use cases throughout the lifecycle of your data.

See how Voltage Data Discovery solutions can help your organization.